. Expert Advisory Group on

Language Engineering Standards

Spoken Language Working Group

Chairman: Roger Moore (DRA, UK.)
Host: Richard Winski (Vocalis Ltd., UK)
Editor: Dafydd Gibbon (U Bielefeld, D)
Telecoop: EAGLES II telecooperation site (some access restrictions)
Goal: EAGLES I: The goal of the EAGLES SLWG is to produce and maintain a ``Handbook of Standards and Resources for Spoken Language Systems'' based on experience in European projects.
EAGLES II (from Jan 1997): The goal of the EAGLES WP 4, 5 and 6 is to produce a Supplement to the Handbook, covering further topics, and with updated and extended reference materials.
Handbook: The `Handbook of Standards and Resources for Spoken Language Systems' has now been published in the following formats by Mouton de Gruyter publishers:
1. Hard bound library volume, including CD-ROM
2. Four paperbacks (Corpora, Language, Evaluation, Materials),
3. Web adaptation (identical to CD-ROM).
See also CD-ROM installation hints.
Description: 1. Overview and results, Gibbon/Moore/Winski, EUROSPEECH 1995
2. The EAGLES Spoken Language Working Group and the `Handbook of Standards and Resources for Spoken Language Systems', Dafydd Gibbon, ELRA newsletter, April 1997
3. COCOSDA 97 (EUROSPEECH 97 Satellite Event) report: `EAGLES Spoken Language Working Group: Results and Current Work'
Background: Main contributors
Authors' notes, D. Gibbon, May 1995
Email list
EAGLES: The EAGLES project is structured into five Working Groups (on Text Corpora, Computational Lexicons, Computational Linguistic Formalisms, Evaluation and Spoken Language). The project is coordinated by Antonio Zampolli, Consorzio Pisa Ricerche, Pisa, Italy.

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